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“Total Management of Real Estate” Sunfeel

When managed or operated for a long time, buildings start to have various issues and difficulties. Utilizing past track records for building management and expertise our firm has accumulated, we squarely deal with and provide support for our client’s problems.

Naturally buildings deteriorate with passage of time, but by carrying out the appropriate maintenance works periodically the lifespan of a building itself can be extended. In other words, if a building is maintained in a sound condition, it generates a sense of safety and security, which makes providing a comfortable space to habitants possible and consequently completes the formulation of a good profit-making framework.

Sunfeel Corporation looks at a building from multilateral perspectives, and proposes and implements measures to strategically resolve all issues. If you need total management of real estate, leave it to us!



Property Management

Our firm maximizes the potential value of income properties belonging to our clients, giving consideration to making our tenant’s lives comfortable, and provides optimal planning that caters to the trend of leasing/repairs/dealing with tenants.

Building Management

Our firm provides “Condominium Management” that provides support as a management association, and “Building Management” that protects, improves value, and offers security to properties such as condominiums, apartments, and buildings that belong to our clients.

Vacant house management by Sunfeel

Our firm provides vacant house management service for clients who vacate their home for an extended period of time.

Equipment trouble Always 24

With facility issues, “Always 24” is a reception support system for those who are tenants of rental properties.


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Business Hours 10:00~18:00


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