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Corporate Philosophy

In recent years, real estate management in the property market has become increasingly diversified in line with ever changing trends.
In these times of change, we at Sunfeel Incorporation

value our ability to “feel” things,
continuing to hold feelings of “gratitude,”
“move” our clients,
and aim to be a company that can “share” feelings of joy with our clients.

Greeting from the President

Protect the cherished assets of our clients
Continue growing as a corporate partner

In the ever changing society of today, increasingly people are building their assets in preparation for their future; they vary from those who are considering the purchase of real estate properties to those who are thinking of the succession of cherished assets to the next generation.

In the recent years, as diversification and sophistication continue to progress in real estate management, I am sure there are many who feel the limitations of self-management, or those who are troubled with the selection of a management company.

Among buildings of the same age, there are properties that look dilapidated with lowered profitability, and those that still shine like a newly built property and remain highly profitable. I believe the difference between these two types of property comes from the condition of daily management.

It goes without saying that acting as an intermediary between tenants and owners as well as being able to utilize the needs of both parties’ results in an increase of the value of an asset and its profitability. While it is necessary to accurately capture the needs of the time and analyze information ceaselessly, we are living in a time where the relative merits of companies’ planning abilities based on their information power and analysis are examined in the selection of a management company.

With such a historic background, we endeavor to propose plans and provide various information, supply waterproof management systems in order to manage the cherished assets of our owner clients, and aim to continue grow together with our clients as their partner company.

President and Representative Director Takaya Akimoto


Corporate Name Sunfeel Corporation
Location/phone number 10F BYGS Shinjuku Building, 2-19-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 〒160-0022
TEL.03-5367-2105 ≪MAP
Representative Takaya Akimoto
Share capital 100,000,000 yen (as of 1 November 2016)
Establishment March 2006
Number of employees 42 people (as of 31 July 2016, aggregated for the Group)
Description of the business Real estate transaction/intermediary services
Share house and vacant house management business
Real estate/rental property management and rent guarantee/sub-leasing services
Condominium management and building maintenance services
General insurance services and all services incidental to the real estate business
Real estate consulting business
Real estate development business
Licenses/registrations Housing land and building dealer license Governor of Tokyo (3) Registration No. 86148
Residential rental property management company registration Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (2) Registration No. 689
Condominium management agency registration Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (3) Registration No. 032944
Metropolitan residence designated corporation Designation No. 06-6-005
Security service Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission Authorization No. 30004035
Affiliated organizations National Real Estate Transaction Association
National Rental Property Management Business Association
Rental Property Management Companies Association
Condominium Management Companies Association
Renovation House Promotion Council
Banks with relationships Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
Risona Bank
Seibu Shinkin Bank
Tokyo Tomin Bank
The Yachiyo Bank
Bank of Yokohama
Higashi-Nippon Bank, Ltd. and others
Legal counsel Toranomon Law/Economy Office
Accounting adviser Nakagawa Accounting Office
Affiliated Companies Jmarks Co., Ltd.

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10F BYGS Shinjuku Building, 2-19-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Vacant house management by Sunfeel

Our firm provides vacant house management service for clients who vacate their home for an extended period of time.

Equipment trouble Always 24

With facility issues, “Always 24” is a reception support system for those who are tenants of rental properties.


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For Mobile03-5367-2105

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