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Personal Information Protection Policy

Persona Information Protection Philosophy

As a company operating real estate total management services (real estate rental management service, real estate intermediary service, real estate transaction service, condominium management service and building management service) involving handling of personal information, we recognize that it is our social responsibility to appropriately handle and strictly protect personal information we have been entrusted with by our clients. Moreover, we believe it is one of the important basic points of our business activities to ensure our customers feel at ease with our protection of their personal information. To that end, we uphold the “Personal Information Protection Policy” of our firm and declare that we shall do our best to discharge our responsibilities.

Personal Information Protection Policy

  1. When handling personal information, our firm shall obtain, use and provide information only to the extent necessary for real estate total management services (real estate rental management service, real estate intermediary services, condominium management services and building management services), the hiring of employees, and management of human resources. In addition, our firm shall provide sufficient supervision to ensure personal information is not used or provided beyond the scope agreed upon by the principal.
  2. Our firm shall comply with laws regarding personal information, guidelines set out by the government, and other standards.
  3. Our firm shall implement reasonable safety measures and corrective actions to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, and the loss, destruction, tempering or leakage of personal information.
  4. Our firm shall appoint a management supervisor for personal information, give necessary responsibility and authorization for the implementation and operation of personal information protection management system, and provide appropriate supervision.
  5. Our firm’s personal information management system shall be continuously improved through education, operation, audit, and reviews.
  6. Our firm shall set up a contact point for inquiries regarding personal information such as disclosure, correction, deletion, refusal of usage, provision of personal information, and any other complaints or consultations, and we shall commit to responding within two weeks.

Establishment date 21 November 2008
Last revision date 23 April 2012

Sunfeel Incorporated
Takaya Akimoto Representative Director

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Contact Us: Osamu Kanayama, Personal Information Protection Supervisor

Regarding handling of personal information

【Purpose of use】

Personal information obtained by our firm shall only be used for the below purposes.

(1) Purpose of use of personal information subject to disclosure

Personal information entrusted during real estate leasing, intermediating, transaction or management services

  • For execution of services relating to leasing, intermediating, transaction or management of real estate
  • For emergency contact

Personal information from people wishing to be considered for employment screening at our firm

  • Procedures relating to employment screening
  • Responding to inquiries

Personal information regarding employees

  • Procedures relating to human resource management
  • Procedures relating to payroll management
  • For procedures relating to employment insurance and social insurance
  • Responding to inquiries
(2)Purpose of use of personal information obtained in manners other than directly in writing

Personal information entrusted through services relating to management of condominiums and buildings

  • In order to provide services based on management outsourcing agreement, with condominium management association and rental property owners
  • For emergency contact

Personal information entrusted through general insurance agency services and leasing guarantee agreement services

  • For execution of general insurance agency services and leasing guarantee agreement services

Personal information of applicants obtained through employment websites

  • Procedures relating to employee screening
  • Responding to inquiries

【Provision to third parties】

Our firm shall not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the principal, except for requests based on legal requirements or judicial proceedings.

【External outsourcing】

For achievement of the above purpose of use, our firm may on occasion entrust personal information to an outside party. However, we shall not let the personal information be used beyond the scope of the purpose.

【Voluntariness of information provision】

Provision of personal information to our firm is on voluntary basis. However, if there are omissions or errors in the information, there are cases where normal provision of service is not possible.

【Disclosures of personal information】

With regards to notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, deletion, and refusal on usage or provision of personal information, please download the “Personal Information Disclosures Request Form” and send it to the below address with the required documentation and fee. When requesting disclosures etc., please make sure to check the content of “Handling of Personal Information in Disclosures” noted in the “Personal Information Disclosures Request Form.”

【Regarding documentation for identify verification】

(1)When making a request, please send one of the below documents for identity verification along with the “Personal Information Disclosures Request Form.”
  • A copy of documentation with a photograph that can confirm the identity of the principal, such as a driver’s license or passport (which shows the name and address of the principal requesting disclosure)
  • Copy of a certificate of residence (certificate that has been issued within 30 days of the disclosure request date)
(2)If an agent is handling the process, please send one of the below documents along with the above (1) and the “Personal Information Disclosures Request Form.”
  • Documentation that provides proof of the agent, a copy of a driver’s license or passport that can verify the agent with a photograph (which shows the name and address of the agent requesting disclosure)
  • Copy of the certificate of residence of the agent (certificate that has been issued within 30 days of the disclosure request date)
  • If the agent is an attorney, documentation which shows the registration number of the agent
  • An authorization letter indicating the proxy

【Regarding fees】

For notification of purpose of use and disclosures of personal information, 1,080 yen (including consumption tax) is required per request.
When sending any request form to our firm, please enclose 1,080 yen worth of postage stamps or a small amount postal money order as the fee.
If the payment is not sufficient, our firm will contact the requester to notify of this fact.
If the fee is not paid within one week of our communication, the request will be deemed to be invalid.

【Contact point for complaints/inquiries/disclosures】
Address: 10F BYGS Shinjuku Building, 2-19-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 〒160-0022
Phone: 03-5367-2103
Attention of: Osamu Kanayama, Personal Information Protection Supervisor

【Complaints contact point at Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization】
Our firm is a company covered by the following authorized personal information protection organization.
Name: Personal Information Protection Complaints Counseling Room, PrivacyMark Promotion Center, Japan Information Processing Development Corporation
Address: Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 〒106-0032
Phone: 0120-700-779

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We hereby declare that we will do our utmost to implement the “Personal Information Protection Policy.”