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Specific Personal Information Basic Policy

Specific Personal Information Basic Policy

This company respects the value of information, and always strives to ensure the management and protection of information. Regarding Specific Personal Information too, we fully recognise the importance of management and protection which respects this value, and will be implementing the following initiatives.

  1. Business Person's Name
    Sunfeel Corporation
  2. Compliance with Relevant Laws, Guidelines, and Such
    This company complies with the relevant laws relating to the handling of Specific Personal Information, as well as the guidelines and other standards established by the country.
  3. Establishment of Organisational Systems Related to Safety Control Measures
    This company will establish organisation management systems for the suitable handling of Specific Personal Information, which considers the contents, as well as scope, of the business.
  4. Implementation of Safety Control Measures
    This company will comply with the prescribed provisions and rules when acquiring, using, storing, providing, and deleting/disposing of Specific Personal Information, and take adequate steps to implement its suitable handling.
  5. Point of Contact for Questions and Processing Complaints
    With respect to complaints and consultations about Specific Personal Information, this company will establish a point of contact in the Business Management Department, respond appropriately and promptly, and strive to achieve a resolution of the problem.

Sunfeel Incorporated
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Vacant house management by Sunfeel

Our firm provides vacant house management service for clients who vacate their home for an extended period of time.

Equipment trouble Always 24

With facility issues, “Always 24” is a reception support system for those who are tenants of rental properties.


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We hereby declare that we will do our utmost to implement the “Personal Information Protection Policy.”